Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inverness, CA

Today, I want to talk about Inverness, California. Its a little town located about 2 hours from San Francisco. Its filled with so much nature; there are trees everywhere, lakes, bushes, various animals, no signal for your phone. No one understands the feeling of joy I get every time we drive up there. The weather, the atmosphere, the scenery, the people, I love it all. Even the 7 hour drive up there gets me happy. Just knowing that we are on our way there gets me excited, and let's me savor every moment I spend in that car, traveling. I have a certain playlist I listen to every time we go up there, and I am currently listening to it, and its bringing back some memories. Every time I go up there I fall more in love with this place, and the more I wish I could just live up there. I think that even if I were homeless, and I lived up there I would not mind. I just love it. I get this indescribable feeling, and I like that feeling. I feel at peace, happy, satisfied, at ease. So many good things have happened up there. Every time I come back to Whittier, I have a new memory to share with friends, to keep to myself, or in this case, to share with you. I'm free up there. I have all the freedom in the world while I'm up there. I can go anywhere. Even taking a walk to the local market is an adventure, and the things I see along the way are beautiful. And the smell. Oh that smell, how I wish I could bottle it up and take it everywhere with me. Its this fresh, forest-like smell. This smell too is indescribable, but it brings me peace, and as I inhale it, all my troubles and worries seem to fade away. So many memories, as I write this I am trying not to tear up. All these memories are coming to my head, I wish I was up there at this moment. I hope I get to live there one day, so that I can be surrounded by all of this every single day of my existence. And I hope that you have a place like this, dear reader.  A place that you always get excited to go to no matter how far. A place that brings you joy and pace. And when you do, move there as soon as you can, so that you can be happy every single day too. I want to know about this special place of yours, so I encourage you to share it with me at Tell me about YOUR Inverness and the way it makes you feel. I hope I have inspired you, or at least entertained you. Thank you.
Peace, love, apathy
Flower Child

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